Open Every Day
2pm to 10pm Monday through Saturday
Noon to 8pm Sunday
795 West Main Street, Hyannis
(Across From Barnstable High School)
Ages 12 To 120
Under 12 with Adult Accompaniment

Vanguard is a center for gaming and learning. Games, not just "educational games," are educational. We do roleplaying games (e.g., Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars), board games (e.g., Catan, Dixit, Ticket to Ride), miniature games (e.g., Warhammer, Star Wars, Marvel), and card games (e.g., Magic, Pokemon, Lorcana, Star Wars). Unplug and play! Our mission is to grow community through gaming.
Gather. Game. Grow.

We buy $5+ trading cards for 66% of TCGPlayer market value in store credit. You can create and submit a buylist at TCGVanguard.Com.
*In the cart, be sure to switch from Cash Prices (default) to Credit Prices.*

About Us

Vanguard has six rooms for tabletop gaming. The first floor is wheelchair accessible, and the second floor is overflow. Vanguard also has a miniature-painting station with air-brush booth and (coming soon!) a cosplay workshop. Finally, Vanguard houses a full-service hobby shop for all your tabletop gaming needs.

Sean has 15+ years of teaching experience including Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School and Tufts University, and he earned his doctorate in Human Development and Education from Harvard University. "I've been inspired whenever I walk into a game shop with players playing. Game shops are community centers that appeal to not only outgoing extroverts but also reserved introverts. They are a lifeline for many of us, myself included. I want to create a playing space that amplifies and maximizes the community element of friendly local game shops. I love our community."